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FUJITSU Tablet Movie & Case study


Tablet Case Study

Yaizu City Hall

By becoming the first local government in Japan to distribute tablets to all of its employees, Yaizu City Hall achieves an innovation in work style.
Yaizu City Hall uses tablets for all kinds of applications to improve operational efficiency and service to local residents.
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Himeji Board of Education

Himeji City is committed to improving its educational environment, and to this end has introduced an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) environment, which includes the use of tablets, into all elementary and junior high schools within the city.
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Circle K Sunkus

Enhancing efficiency and sharing information quickly with a hybrid tablet that can be operated casually through its touchscreen at stores and with a keyboard at the office.

Nikken Lease Kogyo

Inspections at dusty outdoor factories performed using tablet devices to eliminate the need to use paper forms, resulting in a significant increase in operatinal efficienty.
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LIXIL Corporation

Transitioning to electronic documentation in factories by utilizing tablets has enhanced traceability, productivity, and product quality.

Daido Life Insurance Company

A single tablet device that can be used for everything explaining insurance products through to closing contracts, improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency as well as reducing burdens on customers.

Toda City Board of Education /
Toda City Sasame Junior High School

Introducing a hybrid tablet to support group learning in regular and computer classes - Increased motivation for learning; students cooperating in studies -

PC Workstation Case Study


At SYSMEX CORPORATION, 100 engineers working at multiple centers use 3D CAD software in the design and development of their products. SYSMEX solved issues with the system such as poor operational response by consolidating workstations and constructing a virtual environment.The shift to a new system has resulted in both the improvement of design work productivity and a reduction in system operational and administration costs.
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