World's lightest (*)Approx. 599g

You'll be surprised the moment you hold it in your hand. The high-grade machined aluminum body allows for an unimaginably lightweight finish.

The FMV LOOX is lighter than holding a plastic drink bottle and a smartphone in one hand. Your creative life begins here.

* As a 13.3-inch wide Windows tablet.
As of March 29, 2022, based on our research.

The world's thinnest and lightest *

If you are working on a report in a cafe and a window seat with a nice view becomes available, you might want to move over there. The FMV LOOX has a low-profile design so it can be stacked with your reference books and notebooks and carried under your arm.

Don't forget to bring your drink with you.

* As a 13.3-inch wide Windows tablet. As of March 29, 2022, based on our research.

Carry it with you with peace of mind

(1) Power to the main unit is supplied via the USB Type-C connector. It can be charged from the standard AC adapter as well as via a mobile battery*
(2) The touch panel has a fingerprint-resistant coating
(3) The fanless structure allows for use in quiet environments without worrying about fan noise

* The main unit can be charged with any device capable of supplying 7.5W (5V/1.5A) or more. However, the operation of all compatible devices is not guaranteed.

Light and thin. But strong.

Isn’t thin and light enough? Our answer is no. As this is a device that you will carry about, we considered robustness as the most important factor.

(1)The main body has a full-scale pressure resistance of 200kgf so it is safe even if it ends up underneath heavy luggage.
(2) Single-point pressure resistance of 35kgf so you don’t have to worry if you accidentally lean your elbow on it.
(3) The product has passed a drop test from 76cm, so it will still work even if dropped from a desk.
(4) Reinforced glass touch panel

* There is no guarantee against damage or failure.
* Image for illustration purposes only. The actual test is conducted with the LCD screen closed.

Comfortable operation stimulates creativity:

A PC is a device that gives shape to your ideas.
We paid thorough attention to the operability of the input device so that you can seize your inspiration in the moment.


FMV LOOX's next-generation AES pen, the first of its kind, will significantly improve the writing experience on tablets. Featuring a newly designed pen core and internal modules, as well as the latest generation controller. For portability, it can be attached to the side of the body with a magnet.

Connect to the FMV LOOX.
You can do more.

The FMV LOOX comes standard with a USB Type-C cable. In addition, the main unit is equipped with an IC chip that can link two PCs together and the proprietary software Creative Connect. We offer new ways to use your PC.

Creative Connect

The biggest advantage of connecting FMV LOOX to other PCs is that the
can be shared between PCs.

This means that you can control the FMV LOOX using the mouse and keyboard on the main PC simply by connecting it to the main PC you use at home. Two PCs can be controlled in parallel using a single set of operating devices.

If you want to move files between your main PC and your FMV LOOX, just drag and drop them. There is no need to upload files to a USB thumb drive or cloud storage.

* Creative Connect requires USB 3.2(Gen1) Type-C or higher or Thunderbolt3 Type-C or higher on the connected PC. Use the included USB cable to connect to your computer. You can charge the FMV LOOX unit if the connected PC can supply 7.5 watts (5V/1.5A) or more. However, if the FMV LOOX is operating heavy load processing, the battery may get depleted even while charging.
* Creative Connect requires initial setup and updates. An Internet connection may be required for use. During initial setup, you must be connected to the same network as the PC you are connecting to.

Second display at a glance

Working from home can be more comfortable. If you connect the FMV LOOX to another PC, you can use the FMV LOOX as a set display. While creating a document on the mobile notebook used as the main display, a web browser can be launched on the second display for research, allowing the user to work in parallel without having to switch windows.

Pen tablets at a glance

When doing creative work, you may want to utilize a "pen tablet". It is more convenient to modify images directly with a pen than to click and retouch them with a mouse.
If the FMV LOOX is connected to another PC, it can be used as a pen tablet. By moving the work window from the connected PC to the FMV LOOX, you can use the pen for retouching. The fine-tuning of sliders is much easier to achieve with a pen as compared to clicking with a mouse.

* When connected to another PC via Creative Connect, the pressure detection for the FMV LOOX Pen is set to 1,024 levels of pressure.

Handwriting notes in a meeting

Telework conference calls running smoothly? "If this was a face-to-face meeting, we could have a deep discussion while writing ideas on the whiteboard..." Ever had this thought?

"Change the options to suit your usage"

Whether you want to use it like a notebook or use it as a separate unit with its own keyboard, you can select a keyboard setting to suit your usage scenario.

Create a desktop environment at home

"The FMV LOOX is a tablet, so it's basically for use on the go.” Sound familiar? Not true. As long as you have the right setup, you can use it as a desktop at home.

* A HDMI converter adapter is required to connect to the FMV LOOX.

OLED display

Displays jet black tones and high-contrast, realistic images.
Of course video footage captured in HDR can be viewed in HDR.

Quad Box Speakers

Four box speakers for an immersive viewing experience.
If you block any of the speakers with your hand while you are using it as a tablet, you can still hear the sound from the other speakers.