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Ultra-Light weight DesignUltra-Light weight Design

Designed to blend into daily life

Laptop is no longer just a digital tool in your daily life, but also an accessory of interior decoration or a personal styling. The clean design fits into any environment with a minimum of noise. The texture of the metal was meticulously considered to create the best touch sensation. Nuanced colors blend in subtly with your favorite furniture and clothing. Sophisticated details make the user's life and appearance elegant.

Beautiful design

Whether closed or open, the design is beautiful from every angle. The shape, color, and materials have all been carefully selected in the pursuit of quality.

Smartphone-like mobility

This laptop is Modern Standby compatible, so you can launch it as quickly as a smartphone. The weight is only 1.11kg, its compactness makes it easy to carry around in and out of the house.

A stunning viewing experience

Enjoying a variety of video content, such as YouTube, movies, and streaming services at your home has become a common activity in recent years. The color, resolution, and black tone of the OLED displays are perfect for enjoying rich visual content, such as movies. Working, studying or gathering from home are new normal recently, a high-resolution display facilitates tasks and makes communication more fulfilling.

OLED display, follows the design

An OLED display supports deep black tones and high contrast images. Scratch-resistant Dragontrail tempered glass is machined all the way to the edge of the screen for a high level of detail.

Convenient HDMI input/output for work and play

The dual-use HDMI input and output port can be switched at the touch of a button (Note 1). In output mode, you can connect to a second display for efficient document creation; and in input mode, you can enjoy video from a game console or video camera on a larger screen.

(Note 1)The HDMI input does not support interlaced video signals. Please change the video signal setting of the device to be connected to the HDMI input to progressive video.

Making daily life even more comfortable

In keeping with our new way of lifestyle, we've paid a lot of attention on how we use our computers.
We focused on features that provide smooth usability, including microphones and speakers that help online meetings run smoothly.

Quad-core CPU for a smooth performance

The latest high-performance Intel quad-core CPU

Powered by the latest 11th generation Intel processor with 4 Cores and 8 Threads,
this laptop can comfortably handle multiple simultaneous tasks.
For example, you can seamlessly edit photos and videos while browsing the Internet.

Intel, the Intel logo, the Intel Inside logo and Intel Core are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries.

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Charge anytime, anywhere with mobile batteries

With Power Delivery compatible mobile batteries, you can charge without an outlet (Note 2).

(Note 2) If the Power Delivery compatible device can supply 7.5W (5V/1.5 A) or more, the laptop can be charged. A device which can supply 65W (20V/3.25A) or more is needed for charging the laptop while using it. However, the operation of all compatible devices is not guaranteed.

Rugged design for everyday use

It has passed durability tests for withstanding pressure on crowded trains and dropping from a desk, so you can carry it with confidence. (Note 3)

(Note 3) Approximately 200 kgf of Full-scale pressure test was performed.
A drop test from approximately 76 cm high onto the notebook’s bottom surface with the notebook closed and the power on was performed.
There are no guarantees regarding damage and failure.