Windows 10

Windows Hello. Password goodbye.

Ultra-Light weight DesignUltra-Light weight Design


Made even lighter to be taken outdoor

We aim to create a lightweight notebook that you can bring outdoor. The material and structure were re-examined from ground up to achieve an overwhelming weight reduction without sacrificing structural integrity or ease of use.

Challenge of achieving both lighter weight and durability

Whenever you bring your laptop on-the go, you need to be more careful or cautious of dropping, especially in crowded places such as train. By applying a great deal of ingenuity and without compromising its durability due to the weight reduction, it has overcome the same rigorous stress tests and drop test as other models.*

Ingenuity to achieve both lighter weight and durability

Thick frame all around the screen

Frame reinforcement reduces the screen distortion when opening and closing of the notebook

Single-plated sidewall design

Stress test

Instant facial recognition

With a facial recognition sensor that supports Windows Hello, you can log in quickly by merely facing the screen.

Facial recognition camera (Windows Hello compatible)

Windows Hello is a biometric authentication feature that comes with Windows 10 allowing you to log in with just your face effortlessly.

Peace of mind knowing that you can connect to anything

A variety of connectors are mounted on the lightweight, compact body, eliminating the need to carry around conversion cables. Equipped with two USB Type-C connectors, you can now connect to even more devices.

USB Type-C capable of 4K output and HDMI

In addition to the conventional Type-C, it also comes with a Type-C connector capable of 4K output. Along with HDMI, you can now connect to two 4K monitors for your presentations.

Foldable LAN port

The thin and light notebook with its LAN port that folds out connects to a network with a conventional ethernet cable. You’re sure to appreciate it when you’re somewhere with no WiFi, like at a hotel during a business trip.

Commitment to design

A unicolor design that brings together the entire device for a simpler and more stylish finish.

Simpler design

By making the sidewalls into a single-plated construction, the area around the connectors is now cleaner and easier to see; not only simple design, but also functional efficiency that increases structural durability.